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It was the year 2000, about 2 years since she has seen her family. Little Anya, 5 years old waiting for a second home.

There was a family in America, with 3 boys! With a mom and a papa that longed for a girl (or two) and had the heart for adoption.

In a Bethany Christian Service Magazine, there is a little smile... more of lack of one! And a plane ticket to Russia.

I (Anya) remember the door opening, the gentle faces, the little book I had to explain my new family to me. The embracing hugs, the small giggles, the feeling of final belonging, my new mama and papa.

The circumstances of how this happened doesn't bother me much, but it's the beauty of grace that ties me to my adoption story. So let me tell you a little bit about that.

I look back to the very beginning, to the time when I was born, when life is HARD in Russia. No income, no hope, poverty... and here I came, a little baby at the mercy of love. My birth mother didn't hate me, she graciously gave me life! Sometimes, it seems too easy to get rid of something that might not fit into your life, something that you weren't planning for. But the Lord always provides, and this is the first thing the Lord showed me about the beauty of grace.

I remember the orphanage, 5 years old, had lots of friends, loving caretakers, a chaotic structure with fun filled days. There was food and water and showers. This is the second thing the Lord showed me about the beauty of grace.

I remember the gentle but forthcoming love from mama and papa the first time they saw me. The loving structure they gave me. (discipline) You see this is important, the structure. Because if a child grew up with little to no structure, they don't have a chance to feel security. Structure provides security. And this is what the Lord gives us, security in His law, security in His grace. And this is the third thing the Lord showed me about the beauty of grace.

One year later, mama and papa left on a trip, another trip to Russia, and came back with my very own, biological sister. I had a best friend, a parter in crime, a sister! It is amazing to see God bringing together broken families, and this is the fourth thing the Lord showed me about the beauty of grace.

The Lord shows his grace everyday, with small to big events. And the biggest event for me personally is being able to be adopted twice. Once with an earthy family, and once with a heavenly family. You see, adoption is God's amazing redemption at work! And this is the fifth thing the Lord showed me about the beauty of grace.

I am still here, living in America. And I'm here to talk if you have any questions! I love sharing my Russian heritage and my story and the Lord's grace. Thank you for taking the time to read my little story!

with love,

Anya Marie

Enjoy some pictures below!

- doing morning exercises - eating fish for breakfast

A couple things stand out to me, I grew up near the Caucasian Mountains, and mountains and nature are very dear to my heart!

In the orphanage you shared EVERYTHING, so when I got a couple of my own things, they were mine, and special!

Oh, and did you know my mom is basically a supermodel!

The accordion comforts me, and we had this gentleman come every day to play his accordion while we did our group morning exercises and dance!

The staff and translator at the orphanage, you can tell I was not about to go back! haha

Here's what I look like now, and I get to create art everyday and I just love that I get to do that!

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